Disingenuous Doublespeak

So I turns on my teevee to gets me informed

With the latest in disingenuous doublespeak

Designed to distract the dumb and disinterested

And I hears about how unionization causes illegal emigration

And how ACORN is the enemy of election integrity

And how reducing pollution means destroying our jobs

And how greed is good and compassion is weak

And what’s good for the company is good for you

And God says so too

And I sees through the spin, I know what they do

Though nobody seems they even have a clue

The brilliant and evil have all their sheep snowed

They swallow their lies by the load after pantload

It’s a burden for us, those who can see

How what America is differs from how it should be

Beset on all sides by the ignorant mass

Outnumbered, outgunned, though never outclassed

Sure to be hunted down, interned and then gassed

It’s no wonder most who see it just pass

Put their head in the sand or right up their ass

Cuz it’s easy to hide but it’s scary to fight

So I turns off my teevee, and steps into the light

Cuz one thing’s for certain, this truth will not bend

I did not descend from cowardly men.


About DavidJamesFrancis

I'm a philosopher, poet, musician... And I'm a gadfly. And an activist. And I fight for truth and against lies, for peace and against war, and for enlightenment and against ignorance. View all posts by DavidJamesFrancis

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