Monthly Archives: May 2011

An open letter to our politicians:

Will it be worth it in the end?

When your children question the role that you played

Will you be able to look in their eyes

And state from your heart that you did the right thing?

What did they promise you, what did it take for you

To join the insanity, to betray humanity

It didn’t take much to acquire your soul

Some power and money turned your heart to coal

Should you decide that your greed is enough

To justify all of the things that you’ve done

Should you conclude that you’ve been really lucky

Glad to have been given the opportunity

To make your own personal deal with the devil

What makes you think that you’ll get what was promised?

What makes you think that he’ll keep his word?

You think you are certain to get the reward?

Will you find safety behind massive stone walls

When due to your betrayal the rest of the world falls?

Will you find solace behind gilded gates

While down to your greed the world disintegrates?

I give you my personal damn guarantee

That you’ll come to see it eventually

It’s more than just certain, there’s less than no doubt

Your Faustian deals will never work out.



“A worldwide movement to set aside nationalism, racism, and religious differences, and to forget about injustices of the past.  We cannot change the past, only the future.  We need to focus on the present, the problem at hand, and the solutions.  There are countless border disputes, injustices, and philosophical differences between the countries of the world.  The rational mind, however, should realize that these issues shouldn’t matter when all of our survival is at stake.  I want to live, and I want every other living being to live as well.  There is a solution, but we have to have the courage to do what needs to be done.  Our survival depends on our actions today.”

Christian Republican? No.

You can be Christian or you can be Republican, but you can’t be both. Because there ain’t one God-damned thing that is the eensy-teensiest least bit Christ-like about a Republican. Not one God-damned thing.