Charlie Foxtrot

I wrote the words to a new song today.  There’s a bit still open to change but here’s the basic idea:


It doesn’t really bother you, you don’t dwell on it a heck of a lot       VERSE 1

I mean really what’re the chances, the chances that you’d ever be caught

With all the power you’ve got, and all the people that you’ve bought

Hell, the world is your oyster, your very own charlie foxtrot


Oh yeah, that’s what we’ve got       CHORUS

A big ol’ charlie foxtrot

Sayin’ it’s so’s not gonna help it a lot

But it’s a goddamned big ol’ charlie foxtrot


If you’re thinkin’ they’re the good guys and they’re tryin’ a lot      VERSE 2

To make the world better and they don’t deserve to be shot

I’ll tell you just to look around and see what we’ve got

It’s just how they intended it – a charlie foxtrot


A truly massive giant stinkin’ steamin’ pile of charlie foxtrot       VERSE 3

It ain’t no bravo sierra man, it’s really a big charlie foxtrot

Man they fucked us and they fucked us, man they fucked us a lot

And now we’re all fucked and stuck here in this fucking charlie foxtrot


About DavidJamesFrancis

I'm a philosopher, poet, musician... And I'm a gadfly. And an activist. And I fight for truth and against lies, for peace and against war, and for enlightenment and against ignorance. View all posts by DavidJamesFrancis

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