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Be The Light

I wrote this one today…  Hopefully it’ll be a bit longer before it becomes topical.

If you haven’t heard by now                                                                       Verse 1

You probably are mostly deaf

It’s headed our direction now

The big SHTF

Chaos reigning in the streets

Our infrastructure burning

Reaction to the shock of learning

That the tide is turning

Just take a deep breath and relax                                                             Chorus

The fire doesn’t need more gas

Take care of yourselves and each other

No good will ever come from doing harm to another

Do not let yourself get sucked in by the mass insanity

Be a voice of reason and we might just save humanity

Follow the golden rule and soon you’ll see that everything is fine

Your kindness and your wisdom are what’s needed to save all mankind

Be the light                                                                                                         Bridge

Do not fight

Do what’s right

Yeah be the light

There are those of us who see                                                                  Verse 2

This as an opportunity

To rid the cancer from our tree

And make it all that it should be

This will be the end for them

But needn’t be the end for us

If we can just get past our fears

And have a little faith and trust

Repeat chorus and bridge


Feel The Love

I particularly like this one.  I’ve already worked out the chords, and run through it a couple of times.  I couldn’t wait to post it, so here it is…

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you were wrong

It’s only cuz you were deceived all along

You weren’t the only one swayed by their lies

It don’t make you dumb or the least bit unwise

The people responsible will get their day

There’s no doubt about it they’re all gonna pay

You found out in time and rejected their hate

Thank Goddess it was before it was too late


Just wake up and feel the love                                  CHORUS

It rains down from up above

Just wake up and feel the love

It rains down from above


Vibration is love and that love is vibration

And knowing that is better than any libation

Love is the source and the core of all things

And there’s peace that the wisdom of knowing that brings

Unchained and enlightened you feel it above

A vibrating energy now known as love

As it moves through you, you know you are free

To make this world everything that it should be




Now you can see as the Golden Age nears

How misguided we were by those tired old fears

Freed from the grip of a massive black hole

You feel love’s vibrations surrounding your soul

Once the old paradigms all are rejected

It’s clear to see how it’s all interconnected

Now you’ve awakened it all becomes clear

There’s no reason at all to be cowered by fear



Just Hit Eject

Here’s another new song I’ve written.  This’ll go over great in Tampa at the RNC.


They’re always actin’ like they’re the victims

It’s really just to spread their fear

They can all just take that bullshit

And go shove it up their rears

They’re proud of being ignorant

They side with evil every time

There isn’t even one among them

Who at their core ain’t made of slime


Worst among them they select

Hold up so they can elect

For their cronies they collect

All of them we must eject


Blinded by greed these sociopaths

Fracking the ground to get out the gas

They’re taking the earth right to critical mass

The stones are a flyin’ and we’re made of glass

Jesus has said we should kill all the gays

Mess up the earth every possible way

And if from existence our species should fade

Really don’t matter if they’re gettin’ paid


Worst among them they select

Hold up so they can elect

For their cronies they collect

All of them we must eject


Way more important than if they get laid

The only thing vital is that they get paid

Why aren’t you pissed at the mess that they made?

Some cash for your soul is a hell of a trade

Most of you hearing this mostly are bored

And a guy to the left of me actually snored

They claim that they have the consent of the lord

What will it take til’ you pick up a sword?

They claim that they have the consent of the lord

What will it take til’ you pick up a sword?