November 5, 2012

So, here we are. It has come down to this.  One more day, and supposedly the uncertainty will end.  All the incessant mudslinging and subterfuge that have darkened our days for these past many months, is scheduled to end tomorrow.  And tonight, the night before election night, I’m not convinced that will be the case.  Whichever way it goes tomorrow, the polarization of our country is not going to end overnight.  I predict sadly, that it will only get worse.

I do not believe that tomorrow’s election will take place without significant fraud.  And I don’t mean the non-existent ‘voter fraud’ that the right loves to cite to justify making voting more difficult for elderly, minorities, and students.  What we’ll have is election fraud, the kind undertaken by those sworn to protect the integrity of the process.  In the states of Ohio and Florida, Supervisors of Elections and Secretaries of State are poised to follow in the footsteps of Ken Blackwell and Katherine Harris, and deliver this election to Romney, regardless of the will of the people.

I’ve heard many say that it doesn’t matter who wins.  We’re screwed either way.  I disagree.  I know that there are many things Obama has done, and things he has not done, which have soured the progressive community’s view of him.  I could not bring myself to vote for him, instead choosing to be an idealist and voting for Jill Stein, but to say that there’s no difference between them is absurd.  We know what the last four years have looked like, and while Guantanamo remains open, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange are still persecuted, Wall Street continues to run amok, and The Fed continues to print money, to not realize that what Romney would bring would be far worse is criminally stupid.

There are a great many ways in which a Romney presidency would change America, and none of them are for the better.  Imagine if you will, an America where the wildest dreams of the plutocrats were allowed to come to life.  We would have no more meaningful environmental protections.  We would open our national parks and our coastlines to unregulated drilling for oil.  We would have no collective bargaining or unions.  We would have no minimum wage laws, or child labor laws.  We would have no food inspection standards from the USDA or FDA, nor any assurance whatsoever that what the companies fed us wouldn’t poison us.   We would see the end of women’s reproductive rights and the end of equal marriage rights for same sex couples.  Universal healthcare would be dismantled entirely.  What little financial regulation took place would be shelved, and the banksters would be given carte blanche access to plunder whatever they felt like.  The entire social safety net for the poor would be dismantled, from Medicare and Medicaid, to Social Security and food stamp programs.  War with Iran and Syria would be certain, and also certain would be the complete disregard for civil liberties, and draconian penalties for dissent.  This is what we have to look forward to under a Romney presidency.

It seems to me as though the media machine has not quite succeeded in convincing half the voters through their slimy (and quite successful) propaganda that the Bilderbergers’ sycophant and all of these changes would be good for the country.  Thankfully for them, they never really had to.  The fix has been in all along.  Most people don’t realize that the integrity of the American electoral system has been severely compromised for at least a dozen years.  The only difference between now, and what happened in 2000 and 2004, is that a great many more people have awakened and know about the fraud.  While the majority still won’t want to believe it, as is obviously human nature, there are many who will not stand idly by and let this happen.  I count myself among them.

I don’t know what the future holds for us tomorrow.  All I can say for certain is that this must not be allowed to happen.  If these plutocrats succeed in attaining all their goals, all will be lost.  If things go tomorrow as I fear they may, Wednesday could be the day many of us go to war.  Let’s hope that isn’t necessary.  It is not now too late for us humans to transcend this reality and ascend to something far better.  We can get through all this animosity and partisanship and begin to work together toward our common goals.  We can begin to heal the artificial divides thrust upon us by the oligarchs to keep us divided against each other.  But we cannot do that under a Romney presidency.  It really just comes down to tomorrow.  One more day.  Don’t screw this up America.  The world, and humanity itself lies in the balance.


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