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Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November

I intend to be at Orlando’s version of the Anonymous Million Mask March on Tuesday.  I’ve just completed the draft of the speech I intend to give at that event, and so I thought I’d go ahead and post it here now, and invite comments for possible additions, subtractions, corrections, and all manner of constructive criticism.


I have come here today to hopefully lay a little bit of wisdom on you, to explain where we’re at and where we need to go, and to fire you up and get you motivated not just to act, but to act wisely.  Well-meaning but ignorant people can easily, and quite inadvertently do our cause much more harm than good.  So I’m here to combat that ignorance, so carefully created and controlled by our mainstream media and by society in general.


I’m going to lay some hard truths on you.  Most people will believe what they want to believe, and that’s what makes us humans so easy to control.  And it’s what makes awakening people to the truth so difficult.  Nobody wants to believe it.  Well I’m here to grab people by the necks, and physically yank their collective heads out of the sand, exposing them to the light and showing them what’s really going on around them.  I’m here to awaken people even if they intend to remain sleeping.  And yes, that might cause some discomfort for people.  But the stakes are too high and our situation too dire for me to ignore my responsibility to work towards saving humanity.  Yes, that’s what we’re talking about here, saving humanity.


There is a war going on, and my friends, we are losing.  But most people won’t even acknowledge this war exists.  We are under attack, but the attack has come so slowly and with such subtlety, that to most people it has gone undetected.  But make no mistake, the oligarchs, the cabal – whatever title by which you refer to our real enemies, they are engaged in a conspiracy which intends to exterminate you, your family, your friends, and ultimately most of humanity.


Toward those ends they’re actively poisoning our food, water, and air.  Our FDA and USDA has been co-opted by these conspirators, allowing all manner of demonstrably harmful chemicals and GMO’s into our food supply.  Our water quality has been under attack, systematically poisoned, fracked and fluoridated.  And you can’t go outside without seeing dozens of chemtrails, surreptitiously sprayed out of thousands of airplanes worldwide every single day, and containing aerosolized aluminum, barium, and strontium among other things.  They’re literally exterminating us, and we’re letting it happen.


And instead of organizing against them, we mostly just fight with each other.  There are so many artificial ways by which they divide us, and you need to realize that in fact these divisions are artificial, and humanity needs to realize that and pull together or we will be exterminated.  I ask you today to join me in my efforts to educate people about this, and to stop engaging in the divisive kinds of politics and activities which only serve to further our opponents’ agenda.


If you are a liberal and you hate people with a conservative world-view, you need to wake the hell up.  If you’re a conservative, and you hate people with a liberal world-view, you need to wake the hell up.  If you’re a Christian and you hate Muslims, you need to wake the hell up.  If you’re a Muslim or an atheist and you hate Christians, you also need to wake the hell up.  If you’re racist or xenophobic or nationalistic, you seriously need to wake the hell up.  If you’re focused on any of the dozens of various wedge issues and not focused on the big picture, you’re fighting the wrong battle.  The truth is that people worldwide are exposed to different kinds of propaganda from birth.  Their experiences, surroundings, and education all shape their belief systems.  If you’re a Christian and you’re sure of your faith, think for a moment how things might be different in your mind had you been born in China or Saudi Arabia or India, where you would have been exposed to completely different ideas and traditions.  My point is that there’s nothing on a basic human level that divides us.  We’re all pretty much the same tabula rasa at birth, and our world view is shaped by what we see around us.


And in this world, what we see is mostly entirely bullshit.  Damn near everything, including the leadership of what most people consider their opposition, is controlled by them.  Don’t think for a minute that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have got the resistance covered such that you don’t need to do anything, as chances are that all three of them are working for the CIA.  If the CIA controlled media didn’t want you to know about Snowden or Assange, if they weren’t part of their controlled opposition to themselves, the media would black them out like they do Sibel Edmonds and Karen Hudes, or they’d have ended up dead like Michael Hastings and Barnaby Jack.  Those are names you’ll never see in the media, and it’s important to understand just why that is.  That’s the brilliance of the Anonymous movement.  Without leaders, there’s no leadership to co-opt, bribe, blackmail, or assassinate.  You can’t stop an idea whose time has come, and that’s exactly what we represent.  But you have to keep in mind that you can’t rationally point fingers at other people for being dumb enough to be deceived, when you’ve been deceived yourself.  Given the extent to which everything anyone’s been told is a lie, you need to approach people from a place of compassion, rather than from a place of contempt.  People with different ideas, world views, races, religions, cultures, and parties need to come together, and face our common enemy, because if we cannot, humanity as we know it is doomed.


I said before that we are losing this war, and while that’s true I do not believe that the war is lost.  I do believe that the game is not yet decided.  We can turn this around and rid the world of these psychopathic oligarchs, we can affect the release of previously suppressed technologies for free energy, we can invest in technologies to increase exponentially the production of healthy food and access to clean water for the entire planet, and we can put aside all these artificial divisions and paradigms, and ascend humanity into a golden age of unity, higher consciousness, and peace.  I do believe we have this within our power to accomplish, and I ask you today to join me in achieving these goals.  We can save humanity, but humanity isn’t going to save itself.  So quit your bitching and get in the game.