Monthly Archives: December 2013

Everyone Has Secrets

I finished work on another new song that I’m planning on playing at the Anti-NSA protest in Orlando next Saturday 12/21.  Here’s the lyrics:

Hey hey we’re the NSA                                       CHORUS

We snoop all night and we spy all day

We hear every word you say

So shut up slave we’re here to stay

We don’t need no tanks or guns

We just blackmail everyone

We are sure you’ll come around

Everyone has secrets in this town


You think yer gonna get at me through scammin and blackmail

I’m here to tell you that your plans are likely to fail

You think that I’ve got secrets that I’m desperate to hide

But the truth is that I am not scared of the light


I know that you’ve been looking and I know that you see

Porno in my internet browser history

I am not ashamed that I like boobies and vagina

It’s right in the open man, I don’t even hide it


There are things I did of which I’m not all that proud

But I won’t let you use that shit to push me around

I can take the heat, can you, yeah where will you hide

When we pull all your skeletons into the light


Big Brother isn’t just watching the Soviet Union anymore

Authoritarian boot lickers have looted out the freedom store

It’s gone from the shelves and there’s none on the floor

We just let all our freedom walk right out of the door


You’re somewhere between Santa Claus and Sauron

The talking heads declare it’s right though it’s clearly wrong

Yeah you’re somewhere between Sauron and Santa Claus

There’s nowhere anyone can go and not be stuck inside your jaws


You know that I’ve been lookin’ out for your Achilles heel

I’ve found it so the shits about to really get real

We’ve spread the word around and now that everyone knows

You’re done here son, get out, yeah, that’s the way it goes