I am the witness                                                               Verse 1

Living on the land with a quickness

Yeah, I said I am the witness

Does that put me on your hit list?

I know my sovereignty frightens you

But if you will just think it through

You’ll find out that it is true

I am God and so are you


You don’t have the jurisdiction                                  Chorus

All you are is jurisfiction

I am cured of lie addiction

I am freed of slave affliction

I will accept no restriction

Legal name is false depiction

Might I make a small prediction

The matrix soon will face eviction


I am                                                                                        Verse 2

And I know who I am

Standing here in truth and light

And love and vision so much more than sight

I stand here with no possession

I survived the great recession

Equinox is in procession

And sovereign I has learned the lesson



The secret’s out my soul is free                                 Verse 3

I determine who I be

I refuse to bend my knee

Standing tall in honesty

I am the witness

Living on the land with a quickness

Yeah, I said I am the witness

Go ahead and trash your stupid hit list





About DavidJamesFrancis

I'm a philosopher, poet, musician... And I'm a gadfly. And an activist. And I fight for truth and against lies, for peace and against war, and for enlightenment and against ignorance. View all posts by DavidJamesFrancis

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