A Few Words on Truth

We live in a very, very ugly world, full of misery and run by psychopaths intent on world domination and the eradication of most of humanity.  And yet, inexplicably the commonly held belief is that people should be allowed to believe what they want to believe.  That people’s rights to believe whatever they wish should be respected.  I say NO!!!  The truth is by it’s nature, belligerent.  The truth doesn’t care what you want to believe, it exists regardless of anyone’s beliefs.  The truth must be made clear, and impossible to ignore, to those who would prefer to disregard it.  The truth is not what anyone chooses to believe, as the truth is far too ugly.  Ultimately humanity’s greatest problem is the extent to which it’s members’ thoughts, beliefs, and actions are divorced from truth.  If we are to survive as a species, the idea that it’s alright for people to believe whatever they want needs to be eradicated.  Only the truth will set us free.


About DavidJamesFrancis

I'm a philosopher, poet, musician... And I'm a gadfly. And an activist. And I fight for truth and against lies, for peace and against war, and for enlightenment and against ignorance. View all posts by DavidJamesFrancis

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