I Know About…

Greetings, and namaste.  I am Davezei.  I have spent a good number of years dedicated to really learning about the world around me.  Not learning what people are usually taught, but rather I’ve researched how things really are.  I don’t claim to be an expert on anything.  But I have learned some things.  And on the surface, things look pretty bleak.  Everywhere you look is corruption, in every facet of our society.  The more you learn, the easier it is to find it all pretty overwhelming.  For example,

I know about GMO’s and Aspartame and all the other poisons in our so called food.

I know about the fluoridation and fracking of our water.

I know about chemtrails of aluminum, barium, and strontium, and HAARP and weather modification.

I know about the prisoners for profit racket and the law enforcement piracy racket and the Bar Association racket and the CIA drug smuggling and racket.

I know about MK Ultra and trauma based mind control, and the creation of alters, and Aldous Huxley and his Soma prescription for a Brave New World, and Edward Bernaise and the science of Public Relations, and B F Skinner and Stanley Milgram’s experiments, and ELF and microwaves.

I know about Project Paperclip and NASA and JPL and False Flags as an excuse for wars, and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and Gladio B.

I know about child sacrifice and Satanism and the Black Sun and Saturn and the Black Cube and the Jesuits and the Vatican Library and Vatican Observatory and CERN and the P2 and Khazarians and Zionists and the Freemasons and the Illuminatti.

I know about sorcery and magic and Alistair Crowley and Demons and Djinn and Ghosts and Archons and the spirit world and other dimensions in slightly different frequencies and how they’re used to control you.

I know about Grays and Dracos and Nordics and Progenitor Giants, the Annunaki, Nephelim and Nibiru.

I know about Deep Underground Military Bases and the Agartha Network and the Hollow Earth.

I know about White Dragons and Red Dragons and Blue Dragons.

I know about how the true history of our species on this planet has been systematically hidden from us.

I know about how the pyramids and other ancient wonders were built using ancient high technology based on sacred geometry and changing the vibrations of matter.

I know about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and their foundations and their funding of everything astroturf.

I know about how the media and even most of the alternative media is complete disinformation and propaganda, and most well-known people and organizations who claim to be working against some or another component of all this nonsense, actually are acting as controlled opposition and gatekeepers.

I know about the Bush crime cabal, and the Clinton crime cabal, the Pharmaceutical cartel, and the Banksters moneyprinting cartel, the BIS, The Fed, The ECB, the World Bank, The IMF, the Committee of 300, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderburgs, The Council on Foreign Relations, The UN, Agenda 21, and the Georgia Guidestones.

I know about how all modern religions are different systems of control, and how they manipulate humanity to hating each other through exploiting every manner of various false but perceived divisions.

I know about how modern science is a joke.  I’m a believer in the scientific method, but modern science is way more about following the funding and profit, and protecting the interests of the status quo, than finding and spreading truth.  The depth and extent of what has been hidden defies most peoples’ imagining.

I know about Astrotheology and the Source Field, and Synchronicity and Fate, and symbolism in the Tarot and I Ching and archetypes and why divination arts work.

I know about Remote Viewing, and how positive and negative thoughts can affect water, and why the powers of prayer and meditation work.

I know about Zero Point Energy and QEG’s and Primer Fields and Plasma, Nikola Tesla and the Electric Universe model, and the fact that free energy has been available for a very long time, but suppressed by the oil and energy cartels.

I know about Einstein’s quantum theory, Stephen Hawking’s Brief History, String Theory and the Higgs Boson, the observer problem with the double slit experiment, and how when you zoom all the way in, down to the subatomic level, everything is consciousness vibrating at different frequencies.

I know about how humans experience a life as a fractal hologram, and that as above, so below.  Everything is contained in every part.  So we are all creators.  There are small sparks of divinity in each of us, and that as such we have the power to control our destiny, if we will just stand up and demand it.  They want you to be feel afraid, powerless, overwhelmed, to keep you enslaved in this matrix that they control.  They know they cannot control you without your consent.  And they have largely convinced us to give our consent.  But we can stand up and say no.  We have the power collectively to make our reality what we choose it to be.  We can choose what we want it to be, or be tricked into allowing our world to become what they want it to be.

I know about how people are waking up to these facts, worldwide.

But these Puppetmasters, these Wannabe Masters of the Universe, these entities which have happily enslaved humanity and are actively working towards a post-human world, have not given up yet.  They’re terrified about what we will do when we will learn the truth, so these truths are still massively suppressed.  But it does seem as though many among them have come to the conclusion that the day of disclosure is inevitable.

I started TruthJusticeLove.org almost a year ago, and I have been talking about these, and other things.   I’ve been trying to spread the word about all this, and in all that time, all that I’ve said, hardly anyone has heard.  The Facebook page has only 40 likes, at least half of which seem to be not actual people but rather fake profiles.  I have written and posted a good number of songs, because I know about the power of music, but nobody is downloading them or hearing them.  I may have as many as four subscribers on YouTube, probably less than half of which are real.  And it isn’t through lack of trying to advertise.  I’ve given out lots of business cards and I have the name and logo in bold letters across the back window of my car.  It doesn’t surprise me that nobody is listening, because I know the NSA and their friends at Facebook and Google use various kinds of viruses and other problems to prevent people from seeing my website, and their algorithms prevent my postings from showing up in my friends’ newsfeeds.  Plus, people are very resistant to contemplating things which conflict with their world views.

The fact that thus far I have not had success in reaching a significant number of people, has not left me discouraged.  Hundreds and thousands of people watch the wrongest people on Youtube say the dumbest things, and it seems I can’t get three people to watch one of mine.  It just means I need to work harder, learn more, evolve my strategy, refine my message, and redouble my efforts.  And besides, people are waking up to these truths independently of me telling them about it.  There is a giant truth avalanche headed this way, and one of these days it’ll be here, and a lot of people are going to be very overwhelmed by it, and probably more than a little bit angry about it.  But there are those of us who know what needs to be done.  Those of us who have known these truths have given much thought to the question of what needs to be done to replace our current system of corruption and slavery, with a new paradigm of honesty, truth, and love.  And I agree with the consensus opinion that we simply cannot go the route of the French Revolution, give in to bloodlust and start removing the heads of all these people.  So many people, while maybe not completely culpable, have certainly been complicit in propagating this corrupt system.  If we begin that pattern, if we give in to that base desire for revenge, with so many people complicit there’ll be no end to the people we can find and drag to the guillotines.  The blood-bath would be enormous, and we will be beginning our new paradigm in exactly the wrong way.  Yes, these people need to be removed from any responsibility, stripped of their enormous wealth and powers, and to be disgraced publicly for their roles in the deception, but for most of them, certainly the repentant among them who do come clean, we can’t just kill them.  We need to forgive.  Never forget, but we must forgive.

I’m a student of history – real history, and I particularly admire Thomas Paine, who many consider the real Father of the American Revolution.  If the French had listened to his wisdom the French Revolution would not have degenerated into the blood-bath it became.  If we are to prevent the next revolution from going the same way, we must listen to the wisdom of all the modern day Thomas Paine’s out there.   Happily, today there are a lot more than just one.  Thus Spoke Davezei.  Namaste.


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